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curvy lined army 1

Lately, some of the drawings I have been creating have somewhat surrendered to the invasion of the 'Curvy Line Army'* without hesitation. The 'curvies'(shown above) have crept in subtly and have carved a place for themselves in my draw territory. In recognition of their presence I present to you some 'curvies'* for your downloading pleasure. Below are some motifs I created using the 'Curvy Line Army'.

curvy lined army 2

The 'curvies' can be patterned up or used as a standalone motif for anything from all over tee prints, wallpapers, greeting cards or anything that needs a lift. Fill free to download and use. just send out a photo(s) of how you used the 'curvies' and spread the word about the download. Thank you. Karo.

Download PDF

Download Illustrator file

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